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Comedy St. Louis, MO  USA
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The original was dark and gloomy, but this parody has been updated in 2018 for all sciences
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July 21, 2018
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David Miles
2006, 2018
Well you know-no one's mind is right We all have visions, all have spite The science behind old Dahmer's killing Is the type of stuff I'd like to know while most simply say he's bad I'd rather try and understand If we can figure out who's minds are gonna go We'll teach them self control We've learned to understand what causes frowns and we help turn them upside down The past is gone butfuture's brighter now Science is great... Psychology Psychology Psychology Psychology What's that mold that's growing in your sink or the bugs that crawl around If you look deeply inside of a tree You'll learn what we have found The science of all that lives and you And what's just matter too If you want to know what makes the ticks come out We've got news for you We've learned that pigment makes us brown and microscopic life is found and even why the ants create large mounds and Dolphins play... Biology The science of our blood vessels on down and what makes our brains go round When we get horny, why's the blood flow out Why girls bleed late... Anatomy Anatomy Anatomy Anatomy Atoms bond together really tight It's called a Molecule-that's right If More than one element is jiving Then it's called a compound-now you know The periodic tables not that bad It's the elemental figure head From Hydrogen all the way to Radium It help explains them all You'll learn what makes the chemicals hurt now and how water forms around Why Kryptonite is not a real compound Superman's Safe... It's Chemistry It's Chemistry Phsyics missed their part It just don't flow with my art
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