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He Likes Cock
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This is a parody of Dream's He Loves You Not. . .
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June 25, 2018
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Story behind the song
Originally I didn't put a Parental Advisory on this song, I changed my mind the second time around.
Give it Your All Girl Give it All You Got You can try to get into a gay dude's crotch Give it your all girl, do what you do He's Always gonna, prefer sleeping with dudes Feelin' on him, Tryin' to change him Hope to turn him straight Keep praying, That He'll decide That he'll swing your way Girl you can wear all your Abercrombie but He'd still prefer Dickies It's not so easy to accept that it's Reality He's so Romantic, Big Blue Eyes, He's so sexy You should've known how this would go that you can't change a river's flow You can paint your sexy lips Try to smack him on his tookas You can dance up on his hips but he'll still be a gay guy No Secrets to unlock He'd rather play with big cocks He's into handsome jocks He Loves Cock He Loves U Not No Matter What U Do He'll Always Sleep With Dudes He thinks Mark Wahlberg's hot He Loves Cock He Loves U Not You're the kind of chic that thinks she's Lady Marmalade Want to switch him and it's for your pride Always hittin' on the gay guys They spend more money have fun at night You're the kind of Girl whose often called a Silly ho You think you've got him in the club but He's a Homo Doesn't matter if you think it's fly You're Never gonna hit it with a gay guy you're not equipped for him, He's into Hairy Men He slept with Tom & Tim He Loves Cock He Loves U Not No Matter What U Do He'll Never Be Into You Posters of Captain Spock He Loves Cock He Loves U Not Doesn't matter what U do He's always gonna sleep with dudes He's at the mall girl, go get a clue He's meeting Lance there to shop with too He's got some plans girl Doug's with him too He's never gonna, gonna get down with you You can hang out with his Click Follow him to Yankee Candle but if you go for his dick He'll push you to the side Don't think you Comprehend It doesn't matter what pics you send He's into what he's got He Loves Cock He Loves U Not No matter what U do He won't dream about you He's checking Josh out too He Loves Cock he Loves U Not No Time to Be All Sad It's Really Not So bad He Told You you're a friend He Loves Cock He Loves U Not So I think it's up to You He Told you the Whole Truth Take it or Leave it Boo He Loves Cock He Loves U Not
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