Below Average Dave
Comedy St. Louis, MO  USA
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Orange Crush
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Parody of Girl Crush, the hit song by Little Big Town about my own personally crush.
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September 16, 2017
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Below Average Dave (Parody)
Below Average Dave
I want an Orange Crush Fanta don't help me much A citric acid rush It fixes my frown Some think it's kinda sad Too old to want this so bad Nutritionally should pass but I want it now Push a can to my lips yeah ‘and it tastes best cool I wanna drown my tongue in a sugar filled orange solute It may lack Fanta's flair Or Sunkists' well known rush Yeah, but that aside The taste my taste buds blush I Want an orange crush I want an orange crush Generics may be cheap It may be bad for my teeth but I just don't care when that orange taste hits me The way that it's fizziling The way that I smile when it hits The others I've tried but I have made up my mind Now it has passed my lips swish it around some too I wanna drown myself In an Orange Crush filled pool and you know I don't care about Syrups or Salts and such If they'd add caffiene I wouldn't drink Red Bull much I want an Orange Crush I want an Orange Crush Fanta don't help me much a citric acid rush It fixes my frown
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