Astral Caravan
Electronic Sweden
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Astral Caravan are an ambient, electronic, tribal, spiritual crossover music project from Stockholm in Sweden.
Band/artist history
Astral Caravan was started in august 2006 by Tomas Ekman. This is my 4th solo project aside Deep Sleep Society, The Space Navigator, Oakman's Dreamland, Oddworld Explorer and Tears from Dystopia. The latest album 'A Journey to the Inner Earth' was completed in sep 2012. Latest updated: September 30, 2012
Your musical influences
Pete Namlook, Paul Haslinger, Paul Ellis, Klaus Schulze, Steve Roach, Atom Heart, David Moufang, Spyra, Tetsu Inoue, Bill Laswell, Jochem Paap, Charles Uzzell-Edwards and Jonathan Goldman.
What equipment do you use?
Micro Korg synthesizer, M-Audio keystation 49e MIDI keyboard, Mirage sampling keyboard, electric bass, bass effect softwares (Camel & FXbox), Yamaha FX500 effect box, electric guitar, drum station and some self made sound effects / Absynth 3.0, WaveLab 5.0 & Cubase VST64 and a bunch of other things (more will be added soon).
Anything else?
DISCOGRAPHY Astral Caravan '06 <> Shangri-La '07 <> Sunset In Paradise '08 <> Fear is the Mindkiller '11 <> A Journey to the Inner Earth '12 COLLECTIONS Ancient Dreams in Space II '10 OTHER PROJECTS the Saga of the Grog and Gryphon (by Bill Hollweg) '06-'07 See my reviews for more info & links about this!! MY OTHER SOLO PROJECTS Oakman's Dreamland <> Deep Sleep Society <> The Space Navigator <> Oddworld Explorer Tears From Dystopia
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