El indio y Su Orquesta La leyenda
Instrumentals bronx, NY  USA
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Born and raised in New York in the bario 110 street Madison ave as a young boy. Living there on hot summer days in the streets hearing the sounds of rumbas loud congas and bongos.Also the beautiful sound of coro & soneos. El Indio at the age of seven at home listening to his father singing while playing the guitar, acompaning him with a home made pair of bongo made of tin cans his grandfather made him. On his 8th birthday his mother gave him a real pair of bongos. At the age of 16 his father passed away. His mother decided to move back to her home town San Juan Puerto Rico. There his uncle and aunt own a popular night club in Pinones. EL Tinama Dance Culb. There popular bands perform like. EL Grand Combo, Ismael Rivera. Ray Barretto, Sonora Poncenia, and the list goes on.On week days when the night club was closed, his uncle allowed these bands to reherse there. Indio stayed looking after the club while cleaning for his uncle. When they finished they saved their last song for Indio to acompany them with bongos or congas. He decided to make his own band. He and his friends named it Los Bravos De El Rimo. They found small gigs in the nieghbor hood which made them very happy. The band did not last long because of their parents complaining they were not attending school. So they had to breakup the band. Indio at the age of nineteen decided to leave to New York. EL Indio living in the boogie down bronx met with musician friends and made a band called Orquesta Sensacional. Indio made sure they had band practice 4 times a week at his apt. once the band started working in culbs & parties.They no longer had band practice because they were out on the road most of the time during the week. Indio saved all his earnings and decided to build his own recording studio and band rehersal rooms. As business progressed he had all bands at the rehersal studio. He had the ruiz brothers Viti & Frankie, Los Hermano Colon, Hector Tricoche, Van Lester. Orquest La Solucion, Ernie Acosta y La Conspiracion and many more. At times when when these artist needed a musician for the night, Indio made sure they had a replacement for the nigth and if not he would go and acompany them himself only if it was for coros or to play any percussion.Today Indio still lives in the Bronx working in his recording studio and on his CD album , getting ready for a come back with ( EL Indio Y Su Orquesta La leyenda) with the help on Arrangement bye:( Lucho Cueto) on Necesito Tiempo also Cuestiones De Amor. And also Arrenger (Ricardo Pons) on Camina Y Ven And also may he R.I.P (Jose Febles) arranger on EL Sabroso, Me Arrpiento, No Inporta, No Me Provoques those were one of the last arrangments he made before his passing. And also arranger ( Rene Leyva) on Hay Que Dejar Saber, Fantasy Love, El Mandato De La Paz, Por La Envidia. and also with the help of his special friends Ray Colon, Eddie Montalvo, Gary Quinonues, Cachete Maldonado. Thanks to all Migente friends for taking time out in reading about EL Indio God bless all.
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