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A face-ripping Trumpton mashup, it's 4-5 tracks welded together guv, if you don't like one section if you stick around for a bit you might like the next. :)
#35 today (Main)
This is a collaborative track between Facefitz and myself, he created an interesting guitar part and i ruined it with filthy drum n bass, for more info on Facefitz and to hear his fantastic tunes see full song info --
#8 today (Sub-genre)
Thanks to Nomeansno and The Fall all chopped up, this has been taken out of the cupboard and given a polish, it doesn't sit in the corner mumbling as much as it used to and i chopped its tail off.
Peak in sub-genre #10
Glitchy ambient IDM, mellow Autechre type thing.
#2 today (Sub-genre)
This is one of the first full piano and string pieces I composed, it was created using GM midi or soundfonts I can't remember so the sound is very basic, but I'm very proud of the actual composition.
#31 today (Main)
Beats, strings n guitars, there's Conflict, Kraftwerk, foreheads in a fishtank, otomo yoshihide, kronos/glass, ben britten, jesters of destiny and a few others thrown in there. New version with extra hoover
#51 today (Main)
Dark twisty drill n bass, glitchy aggressive electronica, guest vocals from Mike Patton and Ex-girl.
Peak in sub-genre #2
Nomeansno help out again for this more straight forward track, better production on this one as it is not swamped in distortion and fx, so you can hear things like bass and the kick drum, quite important really, hope you enjoy it.
Peak position #42
This is a dark and moody piano piece accompanied by a dark sweeping contrabass, created 2003 using Kontakt
#14 today (Sub-genre)
Progressive metal track with a few voivod chords thrown in, no vocals
Peak position #37
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