Gravity Quiet
World Century City, CA  USA
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Thought Breathing Music. Hauntingly complex Ambient Soundscapes. An evolving and expanding musical adventure. Gravity Quiet, a new taste of Soundscape Ambience.
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14 songs($10.00)
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12 songs($10.00)
12 songs($10.00)
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Album: Missing Dreams Peak position #15 2
As our Cruiser began to descend from our low orbit around the planet, we observed in the Atmosphere below us innumerable and seemingly random flashes of light amid the swirling Cloud Tops...
Album: Storms In Low Orbit Peak position #24 3 1
After a few days we began to realize that these inhabitants had not only traversed to our Solar System, but had done so very long ago. Both our Chrono-tests and the Regulan's Science dating methods put their interactions with Earth...
Album: While Shadows Dream #53 (Main) 1
After Clearing the Titan Jump Point, we began to decelerate towards Anterra and begin a gradual, but somewhat distant orbit. Although First we would allow the dissipation of the Thermal build up around the ship...
Album: Under the Tree of Secrets Peak in sub-genre #63 5
Contact was made with the Benarh system. A dark, rarely visited,over-mined system of 7 planets tucked around Binary suns. We arranged for an emergency landing at a Space Port on Mudra Dakonn.
Album: Climbing Through a Fall Peak position #46 2
By late Solar Autumn 2158, almost all the Terran colonists on Antare had migrated to the deep Melovian valleys. The effects of the inter-alien war had forced many off-planet species to re-locate to a desolate place called Human city.
Album: Missing Dreams Peak position #18 1
While disembarking from our Transport, we were reminded of the current Season the inhabitants of this world were experiencing...
Album: Storms In Low Orbit Peak position #98 3 1
Approaching Regulas 5, we were somewhat stunned at the sight of the Planet's Atmosphere seemingly ablaze with intense Light and Colors. All around our ship the vivid shrouds of Plasma exploded through prismic flashes...
Album: While Shadows Dream Peak in sub-genre #48 1
Once insertion into orbit is acquired, One can realax and absorb the view below. Anterra is a magnificent world of contrasting colors when viewed from space...
Album: Under the Tree of Secrets Peak in sub-genre #80 4 1
In order to arrange for parts and repair of our ship, we would need to travel underground to another Space Port far from our landing site. We traveled over a frozen underground sea filled with Shadow swimmers.
Album: Climbing Through a Fall Peak in sub-genre #54 2
After the impact, I expected the craft to separate and explode. Instead, the alien pilots executed an incredible maneuver. As if Climbing Through A Fall, with a ballet of thrusters that leveled the crippled ship.
Album: Missing Dreams Peak position #25 1
Once settled in, our first assignment was an expansive survey of the Matava Network of Caves , these huge subterranean caverns spanned almost Three hundred square miles...
Album: Storms In Low Orbit Peak in sub-genre #81 3
The uniqueness found in each new distant Planet visited are the Colors and Hues of different Atmospheres and different skies. Atmospheres One represents our latest mission, an Archaeological/Science journey to an Ancient landsite...
We arrived during Twilight Season and at this current time most of the inhabitants were into Deep Meditation. Anterrans did not actually "Sleep", but rested completely in a state roughly translated to "When Shadows Dream"...
Album: Under the Tree of Secrets Peak in sub-genre #100 4
Almost the entire population lived underground in immense, partially open caves. In the large Rejev was the enormous towering Tree Of secrets.
Album: Climbing Through a Fall Peak position #49 2
As the injured soldiers began floating towards us, we scrambled to bring aid to them. Our medical workers, trained to care for Antarian Grays, were reminded of the fragile alien anatomy. This species to survive, must have Two Hearts Breathing.
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