Classical Muehltal, Germany
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Recently a short sketch for a Bagatelle from 1826 was identified among Beethoven's sketches for his last stringquartett op. 135. On this beautiful melancholic theme I wrote 7 variations for piano.
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At the end of his life Beethoven sketched the main themes for a string quintett, with a furious c-minor Presto theme containing the famous fate motif from the Fifth symphony. I made an attempt to write a whole movement based on it.
#89 (Sub-genre)
Beethoven's sketches for the 9th symphony (first movement). Here you can see how the probably greatest symphonic movement of all times came into being, starting with most simple beginnings...
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The 3rd movement für a symphony in g-minor in classical style
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a MP3 realisation of a midi file from
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A symphonic Andante with variations on Beethoven's sketched theme for a second movement of his planned Tenth symphony
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a symphonic Scherzo based on the sketches from Beehoven for his planned tenth symphony from 1825. From Beethoven is the thematic line of the first 24 measures and the theme of the Trio in the middle of the movement.
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This is an Andante for a classical symphony on a melancholic main theme in c-minor. Realized with Garritan Personal Orchestra.
A melodic ballad on being light to one another
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This work wants to paint the rising of the sun, the sun beaming through the clouds, it's merciles power in the desert, it's life giving power and it's sunset at the end of a day. Just as well it may describe the rise, splendour & passing of a man
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A symphonic movement with variations on a choral like theme.
Peak in sub-genre #43
String quartett in C based on Beethoven's last sketches for an unfinished string quintett from 1826/27 I. Andante maestose - Allegro From Beethoven almost entirely is the Introduktion and main theme and a second theme of the Allegro
Peak in sub-genre #32
Andante cantabile con variationi see mov. #1
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Sonata for Piano in Classical style First Movement
Peak in sub-genre #29
This is the second movement of my piano sonata in f-minor. It is a variation movement with 6 variations on a very slow and prayer-like Adagio theme: Theme Adagio sostenuto - Moderato - Allegretto - quasi Scherzo Allegro con brio - Canon - Adagio lam
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