Gemini Lounge Orchestra
Electronic United Kingdom
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Excerpts of the Film San Fernando Valley Girls - I'm Sure, eeeewww. Barf Out. Totally Sharon Mitchell. Well, will you like, Give me Durs, like all the way Now. Up in here. up in here.
Peak in sub-genre #14
It sounds like some. This is a segment from our outer space Rock Opera Bananatron Vs.... I can't remember who he was fighting Gemini proably. this is an example of harmonium amok, has some profound motifs. Banatron was scrapped for some reason.sense?
Peak in sub-genre #11
Texas Chainsaw Massacre excerpt intro Wayne Well Tobe Hooper with Guests the GLO
Dialouge from New Wave Hookers. Mostly between the Pimps The exchanes between Jamie Gillis's Chinese Pimp and John Baileys Stone Cold Iceberg Pimp. Hilarious and very very un PC.
From the HST portion of Flakka. Italian Politics, machievelli HST was tuned into Tinto Brass star-crossed epic during the 80s enquirer days mentioned in E Jean Carrolls biography as a general observation of the decadent lifestyle. fictional
Yes, Chimpan Babbitoli our italian friend has supplied us with this miniature or fragmento Orchestra for the extinction of Mankind played it beautifully. Strange. pointillist but not aggressively atonal
A version w the Peoples National Republic of Korea song, horribly warped with HST working himself into a fairly towering rage because some Waterhead mess up his wiring. Fair enough time is Money' HST needs all that stuff working. NOW
Took eartvsflysaucersviaresid video wiped the soundtrack. put ours on. tailored to the on screen video cues. A fine GLO/OftEoM deal. Atonal as F*** .
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