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Jayson Thomas Dyall
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A Studio group originally formed by Jayson Dyall in 2006 with Lesley Jane, and now it's Jayson with other musical guests, producing a wide variety of styles!
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#41 (Sub-genre) 3 1
A #1 INXS influenced song performed by Jay Dyall and BEATLESEX. Hit #1 in the Alt. Power Pop chart and in the main Alternative charts (2007) and in the Alternative General charts several times when re-released in 2010! Re-uploaded 3/18/15
#31 (Sub-genre)
Ever ended a bad relationship and trying hard to resist going back to it? That's what this song is about. Written after being inspired by a jam session with 2 of my former bandmates this past spring.
Peak position #45
When your love leaves you for the bad boy type. He is a dog knowing she was taken! Featuring Rex, the angry barker!
Peak position #33
A Prince inspired song R&B/Funk song. Was hoping for another vocalist to do this but after waiting a year decided to do it myself. Hope you like!
Peak position #80
When times in your life gets tough, shrug it off and move onward! And don't be afraid to ask for help!
Peak position #11 1
When the world is just too much sometimes, you need to escape, one way or another
Peak position #25 1
When you have that persistent "Hater" constantly watching your every move.
Peak in sub-genre #2 1
Our cover version of the classic 1965 song by Gary Lewis & The Playboys
Peak position #28
A sad song lamenting a lost love. In a vocal classical baroque style.
Peak position #11
A #1 upbeat Spanish language Latin pop/rock love song with percussions to give it a little Merengue feel.
#45 (Sub-genre)
A song written a few years ago after I broke up with someone, with these words attempting to win her back.
Peak position #57
When you leave a bad relationship to think things over then realize it's not worth going back. Done in a Police-inspired style.
Peak in sub-genre #1 1 1
A #1 hit! My cover of one of my favorite Neil Diamond songs! And, I can relate to these lyrics too!
#18 (Sub-genre)
One of my very first songs, written in 1978, finally recorded in a Celtic style.
Peak position #58
Letting your crush know how you feel, in hopes she'd reciprocate. A 2017 remake of a 2009 original release.
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