Rodrica Rudge
Rock United Kingdom
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Female rock, blues, alternative, jazz, soul, pop songwriter, vocalist, musician & producer.
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Peak position #22 86 82
Written, performed & produced by Rodrica Rudge. Quirky pop/alternative funky song looking at the subject of deception.
Peak position #11 97 113
Rodrica: Music/lyrics/vocals/production. Gene Hilbert: Guitar. Special thanks to Gene for his expertise and superb guitar work on this crossover bluesy/rock/pop track.
Peak position #4 88 103
Music by MELLOSONIC. Lyrics/vocals/melody by RODRICA. For all those feeling powerless in the world financial crisis.
Peak position #18 82 69
Somewhere along the line brighter fairy tales become darker realities
Peak position #6 69 71
Pop/dance/reggae cross-over song voicing concerns about the fate of the world's places of beauty/holiday destinations.
Peak position #42 74 75
Rock - Those hidden places in our mind are as vivid as any destination you will find on the map.
Peak position #36 61 60
A ballad combining eerie and haunting images with powerful dramatic phrasing.
Peak position #20 56 62
Swampman: Guitar, bass, drums. Rodrica: All vocals, lyrics & melody
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