The Compass
Urban Oakley, CA  USA
Thank you!
Peak in sub-genre #43
A snippit for now. My Lil Koz'n Leion Aka DEeP gettin down. Check it out.
Peak in sub-genre #13
Big Dee *Me* Feat. Deep. The Chorus was written by my brother. I wrote the 2nd verse and hooks. And recorded all vocals. Deep (My lil cousin leion) slappin bars in the first verse. Enjoy.
Peak in sub-genre #92
Me and my boy pinky doing it again. Just a snippit though. Didn't finish it. Me singing the chorus of course and my boy pink dropping a verse. Izzy on the beat.
Sounds like something a female would dance on a pole to. lol. My boy pinky dropping bars. And you already know yo boy big dee coming with the chorus. Izzy on the beat.
Peak in sub-genre #70
Title says it all. Would you like to be my shawty. Riggs on the beat. Just a snippit.
Dedication to a special someone. :D. Platinum Tracks Productions on the beat.
Relationship song. Asking and telling your girl, why they wanna leave after everything yall been through. Ya know? Check it out. xkwizit skillz production on the beat.
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