Alternative Montreal, Canada
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Album - Sounds of Absolute Power
Sounds of Absolute Power
Sounds of Absolute Power produced by Jean-Francois Mace assisted by Todd Pronovost
GenreAlternative - Alternative General
Release dateJuly 2018
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you don't care that I feel the pain But oh you don t care and do it just the same and I love you and
In my dreams you can be my slave, In my dreams, you behave. In my dream we bop til we drop and in re
We fight for religion and we fight for peace millions of men for that have deceased 1000 religions b
What was wasted on you Was wasted on me There was a time that was true. Now this time I am free And
Am I too damn busy too damn busy, too damn busy with me that I can't seem to appreciate the little t
I can t see your face in this cloud of smoke but before I can see it, take another toke
I don't have the time for no ritual making I don't have the time to take the long road there and I s
Some special people have a reason for everything for they know better than you or I
Samsara's new Power ballad single.
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