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Scotland's people & Scottish music. Traditional and Contemporary.
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Album: scotsmusic Peak position #80
Dave Shannon's novel take on Hugh MacDiarmids classic comic poem about the resurrection.
Album: scotsmusic Peak position #28
Glaswegian soul sister Carola Cosimini telling it like it is.
Album: scotsmusic Peak position #68
Davy Cattanach a great Aberdonian groove virtuoso givin' 'it' laldy.
Album: scotsmusic Peak position #96
Vasilisa by Kittlinclapperdin. A sweet fusion of flute, fiddle, guitar, poetry, storytelling & song.
Album: scotsmusic Peak position #94
Three of Scotland's finest musicians; Jonny Hardie, Gavin Marwick and Davy Cattanach make up the band 'Up In The Air'. This is a lively medley of tunes from their album 'Moonshine.
Album: scotsmusic Peak in sub-genre #9
Glasgow Punk legends deliver their take on the infamous scandal at Glebe Street when dubious activities of Scotland's iconic family were hushed up. Keep it to yourself.
Album: scotsmusic Peak in sub-genre #11
Neil Cairney's poignant reflection on his homeland.
Album: scotsmusic Peak position #53 1
A couple of traditional hornpipes courtesy of Phil Petherbridge to get yer toes a tapping.
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