Ian Mackay
Acoustic United Kingdom
Thank you!
Just having fun with music... If you like, then that's a bonus! Please let me know what you think on my comments page - I appreciate any and all feedback.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not often - it's only down to extended use of the Auto punch in/out button on my multitrack that I ever got around to finishing anything... Recording in one take? That's for lazy people! I have been asked to play at an upcoming friends wedding though... should be interesting.
Your musical influences
Trad Blues and RnB, mellow surf rock, The Stones, Dylan, Marley, Hendrix etc... etc... etc...
What equipment do you use?
Tokai Strat, Vox Cambridge amp, Westfield acoustic, cheapo mic, wesley bass and Zoom MRS 1608 multitracker.
Anything else?
Did you hear about the bassist who locked his keys in the car? It took three hours to get the drummer out..
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