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HipHop sydney, Australia myspace.com/gurleyen
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nice rap, good quality,Eminem
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About issues going on in Australia and the world, Im on all 3 verses, CZL rocks the hooks
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Send copies to tyson_gurleyen@hotmail.com or send me a link and I'll peep it
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Anno Domini On Da Beat
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Had alot of stress, felt like i needed to update the family that aint here now// Hi fly on da beat, need a singer for the hooks and outro send finished copies to tyson_gurleyen@hotmail or link me and let me d/l it
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Club Banga, DJ Shaw-t Blessing the beat
Hy Grade On The Beat, The Title Is Self Explantory
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Anno Domini On The Beat, Great story line
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Mister KA On da Beat// About two stories, similar lives, and they clash near the end, not realising the damage they're doing to each other.
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Just a catchy Hip Hop Club Track
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Mister KA On Da Beat, this is a open collab, send all entries to tyson_gurleyen@hotmail.com or hit me on the comment board.
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MasterMind Beats Behind The Magical Beat
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Mister Ka On Da Beat
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Mister Ka On the beat, my boi does the first verse, i got second and hooks.
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The Title Sums it All Up
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