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Sunburn (MWT)
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This song isn't quite ready yet but is informed by the musical arrangements found on Robert Plant's 'Dreamland' and 'Mighty Rearranger' albums and pays homage to Dylan's brilliant (but much too long) 'Desolation Row'.
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April 23, 2008
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MP3 5.3 MB, bitrate 320 kbps.
2:19 minutes
Ernst Hayim © Ernst Hayim
Story behind the song
My recording gear is on the fritz. I'm unable to get a good clean vocal track for this song. My apologies for the blaring vocals that take away from an otherwise decent 2 minute track.
Cinderella sighs as Bobby smiles In Desolation Rhymes The Deadly Piper reappears their children follow blind the sun will beat down on every lonely clown Romeo needs no second thought violence is the best resort she's only pretending man, are you really sure she's dead circles start to swallow her she begins to see through the blur Reopens her sunburned eyes much too late to be surprised the sun will beat down on every lonely clown blood poured down the subway car ROmeo didn't get very far anachronism finally dead wasn't right in the head finish this pantomime her majesty politely smiles Tongue in cheek, I return To a million probing hands
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