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Tim Hunter
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: ...The horror, as the night hunts you, it's frosted coldness rapes you of your breath. A corroded old doorway, with a seemingly endless corridor. Now surrounded by cobwebs, you proceed towards yet another door, this one permitting a small hint of
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What have you done? And why??? Because you didn't understand us. You fear what you don't understand, you hate what you fear, you must destroy what you hate. You've had your fun with us, did you enjoy your little powertrip? I know something you d
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Tearing everything I ever cared about away. Problem with that is when you do have me down to where I have nothing left, I"ll be a skeleton of who I once was, coming right for you...skeletons have no heart.
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Keep pushing someone. Keep pushing them and make reality so bad for them that they can no longer tolerate it. See what happens, how long it takes for them to invent their own reality.
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Keep talking smack on the dead. Even though you should have realized right away, I am undead. I've been biting my tongue the whole time, playing you. Waiting like a coiled serpent, for a time to strike when it will hurt you the worse.
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In today's age, would the true messiah be destroyed by his own followers? Out of Jealousy of his virtue and powers. In their tongues is the ability to make lie seem truth, and truth seem lie. Whatever suits their purposes.
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Alone, all I can do is watch you. LIke a shadow, I too will eventually fade.
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You only hate me because you're a fake. You preach one thing and do the exact opposite. When someone does get glimpse of you hiding behind the cross, you pin the blame on someone else. You don't just follow god, you think you are God.
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The mockery of it's former self this country, and the whole world, for that matter has become. Slaves to our corporate masters. The There is no justice, there is no way to defeat the tyranny. Unless, we infiltrate them...
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