Karate Implosion
Alternative San Diego, CA  USA myspace.com/karateimplosion
Thank you!
Slow and heavy sludge/doom metal. Drop b tuning on my guitar, just like with Doom Manatees. All kinds of dissonance in this song... chaotic but structured at the same time. I like how the ending solo came out.
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This was the result of me messing around with a ring mod effect plugin. The first thing that comes to mind trying to describe it is "noise groove."
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I love the fake guitar sound in this one. My longest song yet. I don't know if I'm happy with the mix. Might re-upload.
The full title is actually 'Obscure Name Dropping Gives You Indie Cred (and Makes the World Go 'round). It has a vocal melody, but no actual vocals yet. I kinda like the placeholder vocal sounding synth. My first song using Lydian mode. Gives it a ni
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I think I'm gonna finally start putting thought into the genres I list these songs under. This is sort of noise rock, but of course you can't select that on here...
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I started (and mostly finished) this one a few years ago and recently found it and finished it up.
Peak in sub-genre #68
I started (but never finished) this awhile ago and found the file the other day, and I decided to finish it up. It sounds like NES-era Mega Man music on an acid trip...through hell.
Peak in sub-genre #26
This was gonna have playing my real mandolin, but something went wrong and I scrapped that and made a weird distorted mandolin/syth patch instead.
Snare beat keeps getting faster until it's a few thousand BPM, at which point it becomes a synth-like sound, and that becomes the lead part of the song, then it goes from there (and makes little sense)
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