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Instrumental rock that is all over the place.
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Peak position #78
Slow and heavy sludge/doom metal. Drop b tuning on my guitar, just like with Doom Manatees. All kinds of dissonance in this song... chaotic but structured at the same time. I like how the ending solo came out.
Peak in sub-genre #6
This was the result of me messing around with a ring mod effect plugin. The first thing that comes to mind trying to describe it is "noise groove."
I love the fake guitar sound in this one. My longest song yet. I don't know if I'm happy with the mix. Might re-upload.
Peak in sub-genre #71
The full title is actually 'Obscure Name Dropping Gives You Indie Cred (and Makes the World Go 'round). It has a vocal melody, but no actual vocals yet. I kinda like the placeholder vocal sounding synth. My first song using Lydian mode. Gives it a ni
Peak in sub-genre #34
I think I'm gonna finally start putting thought into the genres I list these songs under. This is sort of noise rock, but of course you can't select that on here...
Peak in sub-genre #68
I started (and mostly finished) this one a few years ago and recently found it and finished it up.
Peak in sub-genre #26
I started (but never finished) this awhile ago and found the file the other day, and I decided to finish it up. It sounds like NES-era Mega Man music on an acid trip...through hell.
This was gonna have playing my real mandolin, but something went wrong and I scrapped that and made a weird distorted mandolin/syth patch instead.
Snare beat keeps getting faster until it's a few thousand BPM, at which point it becomes a synth-like sound, and that becomes the lead part of the song, then it goes from there (and makes little sense)
Peak in sub-genre #33
Another fake thrash metal-esque song. A'sequel' to Thrash Penguins from Space. As with the previous, I wrote the whole thing, but didn't play any of it (no way in hell can I play that fast and that accurately). The solos are MUCH better in this one t
Peak in sub-genre #82
I was messing around, trying to come up with thrash metal type riffs, and ended up working them into a song. The guitars are obviously fake sounding, so I'm not trying to fool people into thinking I actually played any of this.
Really dumb concept. Various metal bands trying to sound evil with stupid concepts gave me the stupid idea to make a song with a tempo of 666 BPM (the end part is. Most of the song is 'only' 333 beats per minute.)
Arguable the greatest piece of music in the history of video games. Koji Kondo truly was/is a master of video game music. I love the guitar tone I got for this one. Took longer than I though to nail the lead part. Surprisingly tricky at a few spots.
Peak in sub-genre #30
Slayer's 'Raining Blood' if it were played on a Casio VL-1 synth. Everything is a VL-1 sound. Including (actually, I should say ESPECIALLY) the drums. This is by far the stupidest thing/song I've ever done.
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