Trainwreck Audio
Instrumentals Wethersfield, CT  USA
Thank you!
Trainwreck Audio: Big Stuggz I've been producin' beats on and off for the last 4 years or so and I never stop workin' on the lyrics. I got a souped-up ibook with a few different programs I use to make the beats. If you're from Wethersfield, you already know my lil brother Duke by now - doesn't even try and stillllll rips up every track he spits on, regardless of the audio quality or topic - kids nice. Basically, get familiar with us, 'cuz it's not like you're gonna have an option soon. "And I don't need a method to madness/ Errbody knows Trainwreck is the baddest//"
Your musical influences
I'm down to listen to anything, but when it comes down to it - Eminem & D-Block...the rest is just details...
What equipment do you use?
My ibook and a heart of fuckin' gold...
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