Madder Than You
Electronic Tucker, GA  USA
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madder than you
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Over 40 years experience in electronic music and sound design along with a refusal to color inside the lines musically speaking and varied but definitive style
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Peak in sub-genre #2
sounds like...but is not...
Peak in sub-genre #9
a mix of different familiar sounds...possibly in new or unfamiliar ways
Peak in sub-genre #17
one sample. one song
Peak in sub-genre #38
taking a simple spoken phrase too far
Peak in sub-genre #16
little somethin' downbeat...
Peak in sub-genre #88
rap by Jaes 1. ruinations by Madder Than You aka blortblort
Peak in sub-genre #8
perhaps you'll recall...
Peak in sub-genre #11
painting set to music for drumity. see song info for link details
Peak in sub-genre #11
painting set to music (see info page for detail)
Peak in sub-genre #7 1
Peak in sub-genre #13
even when it's quiet...
Peak in sub-genre #9
who knows the secret to runagates magical new fx? certainly not I!..... ;)
Peak in sub-genre #12
when you least expect it...
Peak in sub-genre #15 1
just a little riff'n with a weird feel (I blame sunspots and the magic of Ohmicide ;)
Peak in sub-genre #19
Simple drums and somewhat distorted/reverb'd ep. hope you like.
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