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In the Face of Love
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In the Face of love by Hodge and Sherbs. You can hear Hodges Purple bluesy influence. Hodge isn't entirely happy with his solo here, have run with it anyway. May remix the solo at a later date. Blues Rock/Progressive Rock. Thanks for visiting
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June 10, 2003
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Writer (words/music)
Mark Hodgetts/D. Sherwell
Story behind the song
Hodge wrote the words during a recent military intervention of a world superpower. Looking at the way this world works and the various problems we see. Hodge says that there is a little ray of sunshine though! (His words)
In the face of Love M. Hodgetts/ D. Sherwell copyright 2003 Intro Riff v1 Do you remember the questions of Orwell’s 84? Well How come they don't get a run anymore? What's that I hear the Polies a sayin'? Who cares, the question is who's doin the payin? The bureau of skeptics they ridicule the truth While media barons poison the mind of the Youth Money power and sexual excess These are the measures of the worlds "success" Riff Chorus But it all falls down in the face of love and the belief in one above “It all falls down” v2 Video, High techno lounge room war Show the lights but they don’t show the gore Let's not look at human misery Just categorise people because of our apathy Circuses & Vaudeville keep the masses amused While the big boys laugh at you the abused Power, pain & the politics of persuasion Don’t put human suffering in the equation Chorus Solo Riff v3 What did the little boy with the almond eyes do To make you feel the ugly way that you do Take a magic ride in a chemical haze Why don’t you flinch when the city's ablaze? Try & Live in 3D virtual reality Supine, rudderless, spineless spirituality Let the politicians reign Over their grubby statistical domain We are free when we choose to be YESHUA free when you choose to be etc Chorus Love with nails in its hands.
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