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Pop R&B/Jazz instrumental musician.
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#30 (Sub-genre)
Upbeat Pop Instrumental.
Peak position #79
Piano score of a pop ballad instrumental. Ideal listening for a rainy afternoon.
Peak position #51
Pop smooth jazz instrumental.
Peak position #30
Smooth Jazz instrumental with a touch of Swing.
Peak position #40
With a bouncy melodic chorus and solid verses, this song is elegant with plenty of bravado. It has a playful and sensual vibe that is charismatic. Vocals by singer, songwriter Elan Noelle.
Peak position #84
Mid-tempo Pop Country song with an inspiring feel with vocals performed by Alan Johnson.
Peak position #86
Pop Song taken from the CD "Hende - Abstract."
Peak in sub-genre #16
Pop Country Song taken from the CD "Hende - Abstract."
Pop Song taken from the CD "Hende - Abstract."
Pop Ballad taken from the CD "Hende - Abstract."
Peak position #79
Uptempo Pop song.
Peak in sub-genre #45
Pop R&B, Hip Hop song with featured vocals by Antonia Marquee.
Peak in sub-genre #43
Pop Dance Instrumental.
Orchestrated Pop Rock.
Peak position #54
Pop, R&B, Hip Hop song.
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