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#17 (Sub-genre)
a moody ambient composition, contemplating our final days here on earth. enjoy them while you can.
Peak position #18
i decided to re-record a song i composed over 15 years ago, hoping to make it sound better using the new computer technology i now use. frankly, i'm not sure if it is any better, but i still like the song, and hope you do, too.
Peak position #21
covering another beatles song, featuring john and paul's wonderful harmonies via tenor and alto sax.
#69 (Sub-genre)
with so many beatles tunes echoing in my brain, i found myself adding several tidbits to this cover of their song "she said." see how many other songs you discover as you listen.
Peak position #14
another beautiful, simple song by the beatles. for this one, i used an alto and tenor sax to cover paul and john's harmony vocal parts, double tracked 12 string, a pair of electric guitar tracks, plus paul's bass line straight off the record.
Peak position #17 2
there's nothing better than a beatle's song with a horn section. i had a ball recording this one, and like it much better now that my old friend pete grunwerg added the vocals. thanks pete!
Peak position #8
Dedicated to my brother Ed, because I love him and he deserves a song dedication.
Peak position #14
creating a mellow, meditative mood with the use of some new sounds recently acquired for guitar and synth.
Peak position #15
drone, baby, drone!
Peak position #33 2
a cover of one of my favorite neil young songs, originally released on the LP buffalo springfield again. big thanks to peter grunwerg and iron mike (engineer) for their assistance with the vocals on this song.
Peak position #19
and now for something completely different -- here's a taste of some swinging big-band style music. i particularly like the way the bass solo turned out on this one.
Peak position #7 2
to honor the auspicious occasion of my 19th wedding anniversary, i have written a new song which says it all. love you, terry!
Peak position #66 2 1
inspired by the stones recent appearance in nashville, i like the way this one came out.
Peak in sub-genre #2 1 1
one of my favorite cream songs, co-written by george harrison and eric clapton. i tried to stay true to the original, albeit using guitar to cover the melody rather than sing it. also featured is a double-miced 12-string which sounds great.
Peak position #20
another stab at classical composition, using garritan orchestra instruments with mixcraft 7. many hours went into this one. hope you enjoy it.
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