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No News is Bad News
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from the 2007 7-song mini-album 'Seventh String', released 07/07/07.
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July 07, 2007
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James Hollingsworth © James Hollingsworth
No News is Bad News So that's the way it will be, I fear Obliged to see the Circle in the way not just you see Resigned to the hand fate has dealt me That only in a future lifetime will you ever reappear And no news is bad news, now the gulf of time's so broad No gentle letters of love remain, no methods left to use And time inflicts the wound, not heals When you're hoping but ignored And no news is bad news, however self-assured... you are. So that's what self-belief was good for! So clear Back then my life's direction satisfied me Though I was poor My routine working life more settled day 'pon day And more Never thought I'd check almost daily For your letters by the door, in vain. So no news is bad news, and my body won't forget No matter what my mind resolves My mode of action's set I can't believe our time has flown Though it's like we never met And no news is bad news, don't know how to regret Is this the way it will be? Oh, my friend. Is this really the way you want it to be? Oh, my friend. You and me, remember? You and me... Have I had the last letter you will ever send? Will I really never see you smile again? Will we really never meet on Earth again? Will I really never hear your laugh again? Will I really never meet your eyes again? Is this really the way it has to be, my friend? My friend... my friend... © JMWH Nov 98
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