James Hollingsworth
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The Same Sky (live) - free download
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live in a Geodesic Dome in the Forest of Dean, UK.
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June 30, 2007
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Come a brighter day Can the lot of us find vision? One seen with all Eyes? Can a love unknown Come into a song and rhythm.... Original lie...! Grey, Black and Blue, In the Same Sky Don't confine yourself, You'll never find your hope in shallows Won't even know why But don't search too high, don't dive too deep I would rather take my chances here than say 'Goodbye' Don't even know why. Blow Heaven to Heaven's high! (After) All is said and done Honey, there's a meaning desert In all of our lands Beat Black and Blue, with violent cry! To keep it out of sight And not be seen to wield a weapon A Mantra long gone But such certainty, can do without! Oh, will it ever show? Heaven, don't you flow like rivers? Passing it all by... Grey, Black and Blue, In the Same Sky I never-thought-I'd-see so many ways to say 'Goodbye' And never know why... One Vision! The Angels cry! (©James Hollingsworth 28/05/05)
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