James Hollingsworth
Acoustic Frome, United Kingdom jameshollingsworth.com
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Ripples on the Waters (live)
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live in a Geodesic Dome in the Forest of Dean, UK.
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June 22, 2007
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James Hollingsworth © James Hollingsworth
The dust is settling And the cobwebs become clear It's time now for a change 'cause the scene'll never be the same Like any rock thrown into a pool Changes the landscape deep and everything in between But once the calm returns back to the waters To any traveller on the road, The surface looks just the same. Ripples on the waters Be careful how you move The smaller pools look calm to see... Edges lap so peacefully But Ripples on the waters only Take a breath to return gently Or turn around reflecting quickly To tell you what they make of who you are. And this time is so far reaching And some are so rarely so disturbed They'll take a while to catch themselves Cause the daggers are out and so are the flowers And the clever ones have "Peace" on their lips A dagger in one hand And a flower in the other But I know it's just a matter of time Before their will and sight align And they stay or play their hand. © JMWH 03/07/2002
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