James Hollingsworth
Acoustic Frome, United Kingdom jameshollingsworth.com
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from the 2004 mini-album 'Snapshot'
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June 22, 2007
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James Hollingsworth © James Hollingsworth
No more will I take pleasure, in the little things I will scatter James, to the Four Winds. No more will I take notice of, and play along With an easy heart, untroubled games It's true I never saw this was coming But I knew that in my heart, it would be harder Than nothing I had ever conceived And all I could do was to sing: Goodbye to the life, never say farewell to you Cruel Fate wields the knife, cut off from all that I do And it gets harder, the further that I go And it won't be long, 'til I'm always wrong And I sing my Swansong to you No more will I be crying in the wilderness But you'll never guess, where I'll be intead No more will I be laughing, In the face of all Like I'll never fall, looking blind... but I'll see The act was a logical conclusion 'til I bowed out from my stage, without leaving yours Struck dumb without any cards to play And without any will left to sing: Goodbye to the life, you know I can't call out to you Resigned to the knife, to the root from which I grew Can it prune harder? Or deeper than I knew? Seemed to take so long, to get back home And sing my Swansong to you.
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