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Coming Home to Stay
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from the 2007 album 'Coming Home to Stay'.
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April 08, 2007
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Coming Home to Stay James Hollingsworth 19/01/02 People laughing with their friends, they laugh the world away People clinging to their dreams, they let 'em slip away Oh, I couldn't hold on to the end, I let it pass me by All meaning's scattered to the winds, And never free to cry And I only go to say 'goodbye' with reason indistinct Oh, God! He knows the reason! Comin' home to stay We're livin' out the season Now, we're dreaming all the way... Double parking is a trend, just a means to make it through the day Another moment has an end, chance to play another day And the caged bird is singing why, and clearly in denial... The thunderbolt was freezing, came and went away I can't believe you're leaving, now I've nothing more to say
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