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Way Down South
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from the 2007 album 'Coming Home to Stay'.
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April 08, 2007
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Way down South James Hollingsworth 9/11/2003 Running through the distance Reelin' round Reason through insistence Meanin' sound I done right... And that's reason enough for me I deny that the whole philosophy is real Ragin' onwards upwards round Only waitin' for the sound Runnin' in next to no time Runnin' in next to no time Keep in mind you can't regret it If in time, hope to transcend it She's a Woman , her power's gone She's a Woman , yeah, he's strung her along She's a Woman , yeah, she knows he's wrong She's a Woman, helpless in the face Of the warm, HARD stone Seeds sowing assistance For the ride Female thought resistance Great Divide Ragin' onwards upwards round Only waitin' for the sound, of... Way down South I can roll away.
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