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Long Way to Go
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We still have a Long Way to Go...
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February 06, 2014
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We still have a Long Way to Go. Human evolution is at a crucial phase as we go global, perhaps again, some say, after what has been described as the Great Forgetting of 12,000 years ago. We're starting to understand that we must see beyond short-term gains and live in harmony with nature and each other - here's hoping!
Long Way to Go James Hollingsworth 21/12/05 If I could race the wind, I'd be there now, child (and) if I could tell the World, about my life, child I wouldn't have to put it in a song And if I had never walked upon this Earth, child And if I could break the mould I've set so long, child I wouldn't have to say I have... A Long Way to go (a long way...) A Long Way to go (a long way...) The same way leads me, the night air feeds me Patient, at last I begin to feel For shame could find the World along the Way, child And Time, which saved the Day, until the Night came Turning all we thought was right to wrong They say... we can evolve a brighter lifetime And guided by the Truth, perhaps we'll get there Maybe time will show that we know, we've got a... Long Way to go (a long way...) A Long Way to go (a long way...) The same path leads, the Nightmare grieves us 'til the day we all begin to feel...
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