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Clouds Begin Their Reign - with Jason Flinter
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Written by Jason Flinter with James' voice in mind - an original tribute to the great Canadian Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees, Rush.
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July 09, 2013
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Jason Flinter © Jason Flinter
Clouds begin their Reign (c) J. Flinter 2012 Verse 1 The sun hands over its kingdom and the clouds begin their reign. All hail the precipitation and soak up The saturated dom-ay-ay-ain. Bridge Everyone is drowning in sorrow Everyone is clutching at straws Everyone's fishing for answers But no one seems to swim for the shore. Chorus The future lies in the lighthouse Our sovereign lives in (the) flame. It’s all we can do to hold a candle to you … and trust the skies will open again. Nothing dampens our energy when the current is all negativity. Nothing dampens our energy, not even the rain. Verse 2 Hear a rumble in the distance see a spark seal its own fate. Smell the fear of a 1,000 thunderstorms feel the flood force open the gates.
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