Invisible Sun Odyssey (ISO)
Pop GENEVA, Switzerland
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«Invisible Sun Odyssey» a.k.a. Soren is the result of a passionate multitalented musician’s will. It’s also a tribute to French composer Jean-Michel Jarre and genius Jeff Lynne, composer, singer and producer of the mythical 70’s band Electric Light Orchestra.
Band/artist history
In an era where vast musical types reign together, «I.S.O.» welcomes you to an abyss of synthetical sounds throughout a few very simple and efficient radio songs. Thanks to the diversity of the «Invisible Sun Odyssey» remixes which will make you dance ‘till the end of night and literally explode your radio system! «Invisible Sun» awakens your imagination, your dreams and will inspire the heat of your next summer holiday
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not yet
Your musical influences
ELO (Electric Light Orchestra); Jean-Michel Jarre; Pet Shop Boys
What equipment do you use?
Cubase Audio VSt and so many "plug-in"
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