Electronic Pittsburgh, PA  USA
Thank you!
Just a student from Pittsburgh, PA experiementing with various styles of electronic music. I don't really stick to one true genre, I just make what I feel sounds good at the time. Started making electronic music in 2003. Released first album in 2005 entitled "Compilation 2003-2005" under my old name "Jordan Neff". Currently working on my first album under my new name and plan on releasing it in early 2006.
Band/artist history
2003: Began messing around with making electronic music 2004: Made a few songs 2005: Made a lot more songs. Put out first album. Changed name to DJJN and started work on second album.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Never played live.
Your musical influences
I don't really have any. I just make whatever comes to mind, whatever is from the soul or in my heart at the time. Anything from a beautiful picture to complicated emotions.
What equipment do you use?
I do all of my work on the computer. I have used numerous programs in the past but currently I do all of my work soley in GarageBand on my Macintosh Powerbook G4.
Anything else?
These sugar coated doughnuts make me horney! :)
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