Steve Perry
Acoustic Beaverton, OR  USA
Thank you!
Thirty-five years after I learned how to strum three chords, I decided maybe it was time to try to learn how to play the guitar, so that's where I am. I won't live long enough to do it properly, but maybe I'll get a little better before I shuffle off. I'm trying to learn fingerstyle and classical stuff, mostly, and I do it on a couple classical (nylon string) guitars.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Outside Portland, Oregon. God's country.
Your musical influences
All over the map -- blues, rock, classical, country, jazz, folk. Most of the stuff I write would be either blues or folk; most of what I cover is rock -- Beatles are big on my list -- with a few classical tunes upon which I am working.
Anything else?
Musically, I'm not very adept. I believe I have a way with words, though, since that's how I make my living, as a fiction writer.
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