Scott Houle
HipHop manchester, NH  USA
Thank you!
Home of the Stuntman AKA Scotty Stuntz. Comin straight outta Manchester, NH reppin the 603 wit my boys ES Blitz, Sharpie, Bentlock, Neglektid, and all of the affiliates.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
yea i love to perform, the stage is like my playground. i love it. If you got gigs for me..let me know, i'll do em, but i need that $$.
What equipment do you use?
aint tellin you shit
Anything else?
MUSIC. To me, music is so much more than sounds and words. It is an expression of imagination and thought combined and reassembled into a form of art that is deeper than any other force able to be produced by humans. Music has the power to move people. Music is used as a way to escape from your surroundings and be "somewhere else" for a moment in time while listening to it. For me, music is the best way, and just about the only way, for me to express and say how I really feel and what i am really thinking. Through beats, I feel as if a universe of freedom is unlocked and I am free to do as i wish. Music is where i fit it. It's what i do. Music is not a hobby for me, it is a way of life. Music is my is what i beleive's that serious to me. Music has the power to make people move their bodies. There is a strong physical connection between music and the human body. To me, that is just amazing. Music has the power to make you cry. Music has the power to make you angry. It can depress you. It can uplift you. I am SO proud to be a musician and to take part in making such an awesome thing- MUSIC. -Words directly from the mouth of Scott Houle AKA Tha Stuntman
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