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27 of July 2010
I got to be honest with you guys:
I have been on soundclick now for, well a couple of years at least. And I am not sure what I get out of it. So I will be running a stress-test on the site. My last real investment as it where "I don't want you (2 be alone anymore)" will get boosted in the charts through several adverts in August. If the result of this campaign fails to impress me, I'll be removing my activity from this site.

I got a family now, and my time is precious and quite short. So I want to at least know that somebody out there is apreciating what I do. If not, then why the hell should I waste my time making music in the first place.

Yours: Xanitra.

Xanitra is back in the charts after a fault on my own part where all the songs where in "experimental sounds." Also uploaded a song called In sync which was in mid process, but released since I liked it more with less instruments than what was originally planned. Enjoy, and have a great summer still.
News as of 15 of April - I am not famous yet I believe, so all music from Xanitra is from this day forward 100% free until otherwise. Have a nice day. I have also cleaned up on old news, and will update this page a bit more often from now on.
As many as possible copy this link to your artist page to increase awareness about piracy and its damaging effects. Thank you.

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Magma Blade 7eZ Electrical Voice enhancer (don't know the label) Iahphu Mecha Synthesizer Stereo 3 Way microphone. Extraordinary Weleign keyboard. Another keyboard bought at a toy store:) A lot of imagination, love, friends, life,
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Bush should go fuck himself
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