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Jon Solo
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I originally wrote this as part of a 24 hour album. It was never recorded (except in extremely rough draft form). Today I decided to give it a production. My voice is just shot from allergies that I have never had before, but here it is anyway.
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Yesterday afternoon I decided to write a song. Last night my wife and I recorded it. Today it is here. Indie love song.
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A stripped down version of my rock ballad Fall to Pieces.
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CBC April 2012 Challenge: The 80's. Very different from my usual stuff, but hopefully I have encapsulated every John Hughes film into a song that takes you back to Generation X's coming of age soundtrack!
Peak position #58 3 1
CBC 007 Challenge. Instead of simply writing a James Bond inspired song, I decided to go for it and write the theme song of a potential movie...
Peak position #47
Remake of a 1999 song I wrote. Enjoy!
Peak position #27 13 12
CBC December 2013 Challenge...Egypt. I thought of Camel racing and then the music came!
Peak position #73 2 2
The first released track of Head, Heart, & Hands. Moving, bouncy, with plenty of feeling and emotion that will hopefully take you back to a better time.
Peak position #41 1
Oriental flavors abound in this fun instrumental I recently finished.
Peak position #89 16 16
CBC November 2011. A laid back meditative instrumental track.
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Sometimes it is just over. Don't fret though. It will get better.
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The disease robs you of your basic dignity. All of the intelligence and memories created are forever lost.
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We think specific issues appear as elephants in the room when in reality it is your whole life and what you do (or fail to do) that is the Elephant in the Room.
Peak position #59 2 2
Getting high is not always drug induced!
Peak position #2 9 6
The first 'single' from Pop Junkie. The title says it all.
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