Jenna Desiree
Pop Lancaster, CA  USA
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Vocals, Piano, and some Guitar. Beautifully written, heart felt lyrics, and memorable melodies. The one, the only, Miss Jenna Desiree.
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Jillianna (age 13), Jeffrey (age 17), and Jenna (age 35)... aka Triple J. We are doing a very rough cover of Frank Sinatra's Blue Moon. We learned it in 15 minutes and immediately recorded it. haha
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I wrote this song for my husband, Jimi Spier, to the backing of his song Emotions. This is the trial version. I will re-record it and revise it because the quality of this one stinks and the balance is totally off but it's a rough draft.
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My husband's song. All rights reserved.
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This song is dedicated to my own Daddy, Michael John Wright. I love you Dad!
A song about a heart breaking end to a relationship.
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Just what the name says... Fur Elise with Strings!
Beethoven's Fur Elise (not the full song, just part of it)
A beautifully sad sounding song on acoustic piano and strings.
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