Bob Forbes
Rock Deming, NM  USA
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Summer Star
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Adrianne Simioni (Astronomusic) – guitars. Zózimo Rech (Astronomusic) – Moog, strings. Bruce Ogilvie – Guitar Solo. Bob Forbes - Vocals, Bass, Organ.
Peak: #63   (126,990 songs currently in Pop)
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Upload date
November 14, 2009
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MP3 3.6 MB, bitrate 128 kbps.
3:56 minutes
Writer (words/music)
Bob Forbes
Story behind the song
Dedicated to Zozimo and Adrianne on their September wedding. Thank you Z & A, and Bruce for your collaboration efforts!
On a clear night out in the country, I gaze up in the sky A summer star tonight. Searching for a lonely light That passes others by. My fascination to delight. Summer star burning bright, guide me to a life. Summer star dancing 'round, give me an answer why. On a clear night in the city She looks up in the sky A summer star to light. Finding out that this certain light Would never pass her by Her hungry delight. Thank you star for guiding us to a place we both share. The shining in our souls, the meaning that there's more. It's a clear night when we're together Looking in the sky. A summer star that glows. Discovering our every move Was meant to see the light. Two lives that grow. Copyright 2009 - Bob Forbes
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