Marvin Lee Adcock
Country Strong City, KS  USA
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#94 (Sub-genre)
We lose friends and family to this disease, but in our hearts they live as who they were.
Peak in sub-genre #35
Most of us would take every one of these kind of days we can get.
Peak position #43
If I had listened to what she tried to say Opened up my heart before it was to late I would have realized what she was missin If only I had listened
The lights were on and the band's gone home, and I had missed the dance.
Peak position #16
It is possible to love someone so much that it blinds you, but there is nothing wrong with that. We should always love with our whole heart.
Peak position #4
When a great song from your past puts you in the mood for both reminiscing and romancing.
Peak position #1
After losing someone, regardless of how strong you may appear....then comes the night.
Peak position #4
Solid love is not chosen or determined by the mind. Solid love is unexpected and chosen by the heart.
Peak position #9
A retro country song giving it that "new old" sound.
Peak position #6
As painful as love can be, we should never give up on finding it.
Peak position #5
Nothing hurts like lost love. No more needs to be said.
Peak position #2 2
There is a "Right" person for all of us, and we should never give up looking for them.
Peak position #32
Every man knows what really gets him through the day, and every woman needs to hear it.
Peak position #16
I wrote this song about growing up, and the memories we never forget.
Peak position #11
Love can be easy, love can be hard, but love always takes work....and that's what makes love strong.
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