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#38 (Main)
Summer Love Story ...another joyful song by Elvar Masson and myself....complete list of collaborators below.
Peak position #54 1
Family Christmas song with a reggae beat
Peak position #76 3 5
Well this is one of my own favourite lyrics, I must confess and the incomparable Dawn Diamond does everything else herself. Every one of us has the wings to fly; we do not always use them, however which is a tragedy...and that is what this song is
Peak in sub-genre #65 1 1
This touching break-up song one is by Scott Slater and Dawn Sinclair. We also have an acoustic version which I may put up later.
Peak in sub-genre #62 4 2
The DEFINITIVE blues song from Mister Juri Rosenfeld (and lyric by me of course)
Peak in sub-genre #39 2 2
Music and performance by Vince Fedele, Lyric by Dawn Sinclair
Peak in sub-genre #63
This is the title song of our CD, which is now onsale...contact me for details...featuring the lead vocals of Martin Gallagher. It reached number 1 in the brit Pop charts and stayed there for several weeks. Music etc etc Juri Rosenfeld...lyrics yo
Peak in sub-genre #31 4 4
Music Composed and played by Boyana Bjoern Lyrics by Dawn Sinclair Vocals by Taryn Murphy Mix/master by Andy Britton This was the first song Boyana and I wrote together but we have several projects on the go currently...so watch out for more.
4 4
Music by Boyana Bjoern...Lyric by Dawn Sinclair...Rap written and performed by Pro20( http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=72656190) ...Female Vox performed by Coko Korinne...(http://www.myspace.com/cokokorinn
Peak in sub-genre #68 1 1
music composed by Derek Evans, Lyric by Dawn Sinclair and vocals by Amy Caldwell....may the force be with you!
Peak in sub-genre #37 5 2
Music by Degsy, Words by Dawn Sinclair, Vocals and Mix by Amy Caldwell
Peak in sub-genre #42 4 1
Lyrics are mine, composition is by Tom Van Mele and Wezz (Wesley De Page), incredible vocal by Tom with additional harmonies by Sneh...great working with you guys!!!
2 2
Music by Boyana...Lyric by Dawn...Vocal by Sharon...Production by Sal Salvedore
2 2
Updated version of Mick Gaitens and Dawn Sinclair's song Outside of Love
4 3
Music composed and performed by KtA , (mart) Lyrics by Dawn Sinclair, Vocal and fretless bass by LODATO (rich) Inspired by Twilight movie and by all those people who feel they are outcasts from society....
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