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Moving Through 2009
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moving through 2009
Dropping the new mixtape soon... ant botherd with this soundclick thing ina bit so thought id put a couple new tracks up
*mixtape track* basically the title and about hip hop in itself... just me on this one . done quick in a couple nights .. listen
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*mixtape track* one of ma bois from college who wanid a i diss, f*** knows why, but ah well ere it iz
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just for kiks
My first ever production ... wooo ... you can use this just as long as i get credit somewhere on it ... take it easy .. remember 1ST BEAT haha
*Mixtape track* woooo done and dusted .... for the people you love ... the things we do ... me 1st verse R kills 2nd ... dussted
*mixtape track* some originality showin through here .. one of ma boiz from college killed it with the guitarin n i laced a spit over it no bass kicks jus keepin it clean
*Mixtape track* ... who ever kills this gets place on mixtape ... something i put together pretty quick, lemme know if you getin on this
*Mixtape Track* ....This song i put together with a different style flow .. wooo hip hop always
Quick recording on a nice beat... using ma new mic so wanted to see whats changed, one for the mixtape again.. tell me what ya think
well this is another for the mixtape but its only rough until i get my new mic ..
one for the mixtape. softer RnB sorta feel on this one for the ladies haha ... tell me what you think
This is about a month old. just never posted it ... hit it up if you want just tell me when you finished, only took around an hour to do so take it easy haha
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