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#21 (Sub-genre)
Benjamin Montgomery co-wrote the music and sings my lyric describing the joys of knowing Jesus.
Peak position #7 1
Glory Craig sings this song I wrote about my anticipation of seeing Jesus to praise Him Face To Face.
Peak position #9
Glory Craig sings the melody she wrote for my lyric about a shipwrecked sailor and the power of prayer.
Peak position #5
SOSU Jazz Band at Wichita Jazz Festival. Dr. Terry Segress- director, Jeff Leslie-drums
Peak position #4
Jeff Conte co-wrote the melody and sings my lyrics in memory of all fathers who are no longer with us.
Peak position #12
Vitor Talhadas orchestrated this beautiful track for my lyric about the creation of the Crimson Rose. Jeff Conte again provides the vocal.
Glory Craig sings this beautiful melody she wrote for my lyric.
Peak position #9
An instrumental using that heavy synth sound from a few decades ago.
Peak position #13
My new Nigerian friend St-He'benz wrote 90% of the melody and half the lyrics in this Reggae romp. Igbona Jasmine sings backup.
Peak position #54
My Nigerian friend, St.He'benz, wrote and sings this song of praise. I produced the track for him.
This is a new and better mix of the song. Guitars have been added.
Peak position #19
Based on Psalm 23. Probably the simplest song I've ever written. Thanks again to Jeff Conte for singing it for me.
Peak position #8
This was written by Dale King and I recorded it with his permission.
Peak position #84
Lyrics inspired by a poem by Stacy Martin
Peak position #13
I am the water, You are the wine.
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