Nicole C. Mullen
Urban USA
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"The world is looking for someone who believes in something," says singer/songwriter/choreographer/actress/youth advocate/mentor Nicole C. Mullen. "What do you believe in? I believe in Christ. And for that I will not apologize." It is a confession that pulses with a white-hot intensity through every song of Nicole's debut, NICOLE C. MULLEN.

Produced by Justin Neibank and Nicole's husband David Mullen, this long anticipated album captures the heart and soul of the Cincinnati, Ohio, native. Set against a sonic tapestry that Nicole describes as "funkabilly", NICOLE C. MULLEN explores themes of self-worth ("Homemade"), racial harmony ("Black, White, Tan"), and her defiant faith in Jesus ("Shooby"). "Musically, NICOLE C. MULLEN is a hybrid of a lot of different styles," Nicole explains. "Funk, R&B, pop, and black gospel mixed generously with folk and hillbilly, but with urban grooves running throughout. A lot of the songs are in story form; stories about my family, my childhood, my faith."

The album, like its author, is vivacious, joyful, and relentlessly enthusiastic, while maintaining an uncanny ability to speak with honesty and vulnerability about life as it is. And about life as it should be. Born into a loving, nurturing Christian home, Nicole knew the stability of a mother who prayed for her daily and a father who worked at the same job for thirty-eight years, sacrificing his own dreams of a music career to provide for his family. With grandparents on both sides of the family who were Pentecostal preachers, Nicole both heard and received the Gospel at an early age. And from an early age she found herself singing. "It was something that I loved to do, that I felt called to do," she says. "I didn't know how I was going to do it, but I always knew that if doing music was the Lord's will for me, then I wouldn't have to strive for it."

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