Lost Souljaz
HipHop Canada
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The Lost Souljaz are a duo of bLaDe and DirtyDogg aka Pitbull
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Pitbull, Rodzilla and bLaDe spit sumtin bout gettin up and goin through the day, witnessin shit, doin shit and gettin down.
A song about recognition in the game, and recognizing yourself. By Rodzilla, Pitbull and bLaDe
A kinda club track called "1 2 3", by Pitbull, rod and bLaDe
This is an old diss track directed to Rodzilla and Sccit...by bLaDe and Emence. We beat them by K.O btw.
A song about the war cry from Grewsum, bLaDe, Emence and Rodzilla
A song by Rodzilla, Emence and bLaDe
A song by Nexus, bLaDe and Emence. Needs to be remastered, and chorus needs to be redone. Still a great song.
A club track by Pitbull aka Doggy, bLaDe and Emence.
A song about viewing the world through the 3rd eye, your own perspective. By Pitbull, bLaDe and I Geezy
Song by LostSouljaz: bLaDe and Pitbull inviting ya'll to take a glimpse into their minds, their lyrics.
A song about reflections of life, past and present. By bLaDe, Rodzilla and Emence
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