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Album: Philip Rosseter & Thomas Campian 1601 #5 (Sub-genre)
Thomas Campion's "Follow Your Saint" from the Rossetter A Booke of Ayres 1601 - This Take 1 is complete with both Stanzas.
Thomas Campion's "Follow Your Saint" from the Rossetter (& Campian) A Booke of Ayres 1601.
#14 (Sub-genre)
This is just the 12 bar blues where I strum the chords on acoustic and Ryuji jams on electric.
#19 (Sub-genre) 1
This is the first song I posted on SoundClick and so far it is one of my best recorded original songs. It is on the folk side on one of those sides of Bob Dylan.
#7 (Sub-genre) 1 1
This song was recorded in a authentic Scottish environment as it was recorded in my apartment which is right under a grove of genuine Scottish Palm Trees. Although this studio is in Japan the Scottish flavour can be sensed in this picture!
#9 (Sub-genre)
After high-school I often looked at the yearbook and I took Gail and Lynne's names from that yearbook. Photograph by Lawrence Winder.
This is one of the most famous songs of the Shakespearean age. Shakespeare included the song in his 'Twelfth Night'.
This song has been hiding away for 400 years. This song is neither brilliant nor poor but just a modest song for an average guy like me.
#41 (Main)
"Usagi" is a traditional song of Japan. "Usagi" is "Rabbit" in Japanese and the song is about bunnies jumping at or on the Moon.
Album: Put Your Bum To Work #14 (Sub-genre)
"A Path of Rigmarole' was created in three countries and five cities. This is not to dispute that it was not written in about half an hour (as the great song writers of great songs will tell you)
Album: Put Your Bum To Work #66 (Main) 1
Take A Part is my first and one of my best songs. It was written on the first day of the new decade. Take A Part was played on the radio in 1986 by the Carlton University Station, CFMU. It's one of the ten songs of the You Won't Like All Of It Tape.
Album: Put Your Bum To Work #44 (Main)
From the booke - Put Your Bum To Work. I was trying to crank out a bunch of songs in a hurry - and this song just floated down onto the paper perfectly. The picture here was taken on August 31 between recording days at the pool park at ToshienMai.
Album: Put Your Bum To Work #18 (Sub-genre) 4 3
This is an Ottawa song about skating on the Rideau Canal. On Aug. 5 1982, I wrote the first part of this song in my sleep, in a dream, about Melanie. I woke up and wrote it down. The second part was written as I walked home after dancing with Wild Ni
Album: Philip Rosseter & Thomas Campian 1601 #12 (Sub-genre) 1
I am happy to be able to finally post a Philip Rosseter song from his only Booke of Airs. This is Take 2 but it did not finish so I added the end of Take 3 to end.
Unfinished; "Once did I serve a cruel heart" Music by Robert Jones & words Anonymous. 400 years old this year; This is a duet but unfortunately so far I have only recorded the low voice and the main voice is absent.
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