Urban Detroit Lakes, MN  USA
Thank you!
Right now it's just me and my guitar and GarageBand Later on I will be playing piano on my M-AUDIO Radium 61 Keyboard/Controller with GarageBand Additional pieces and persons may be added to this band as time progresses. Sax, Cello, Drums, Conga Drums, Bass, Piano and backup vocals. I am promoting the following Anti-Drug Programs
Band/artist history
I am 60 years old. I was Born in 1945 and I started playing (Hawaiian) Steel Guitar in Auburn, Washington in 1955 and then started playing the Trumpet in school band about the same time. I started playing acoustic guitar and singing in California (Los Angles/Mount Baldy about 1973. It's been an on/off, do/don't, like/don't like, put down/pick up ever since. I was screwed up on drugs for a long time, I have been drug free for only ten years and I always will be, I always knew they were wrong but I followed the crowd. I will play and sing and fight this drug war until the day I die..and then some more if I can, I will be fighting this injustice from the grave. Drugs destroy. The greatest of all communications is singing and making music, it comes from our insides, our whole being, like a bird or a frog or a cricket.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
"Detroit Lakes Minnesota" "A great Place to live" if 40 below doesn't get you in the winter and the mosquitos don't get you in the summer..the 40 below we love, the mosquitos you can have..
Your musical influences
Dylan, Cocker, Jones, Williams, Seger, Morrison, Price, Presley, Cash, Little Richard, Dolly Pardon, Donna Summer, Allison Krause, The Platters, Frank Sinatra, Gene Autry, many..many..Big Band,Country, Rock, Classical, Gospel, Southern Gospel, Latino, Native American
What equipment do you use?
Apple Power Mac 2.5 Dual Processor Computer (2005) Apple GarageBand 2 M-AUDIO SOLO Interface M-AUDIO Radium 61 Controller Alvarez 5014 Tacoma DM9 Martin-soon to be- Shure mic's
Anything else?
Shure SM58 Microphones Alvarez 5014 Acoustic Guitar
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