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t-kuang aka chinaman aka total knockout
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Peak in sub-genre #6
NEW AS OF 10/21/05. Chuckie AKenz, Jin, and Thai diss. The beat is Still D.R.E. Peep it. It's dope.
Peak in sub-genre #20
NEW!! as of 10/21/05. Deep song. About life in general. Personally I think it's boring. But its a cool track.
Peak in sub-genre #80
NEW as of 9-29-05. This song disses talibans. It's all jokes though. Funny stuff. Guarunteed knee slapper. The beat is Rubberband man.
Peak in sub-genre #32
NEW as of 9-14-05. Kind of bad quality, but u should be able to hear the words, song is written from the heart.
Peak in sub-genre #39
NEW as of 9-14-05. Spittin' some random B.S. on beats such as Hustla,On fire,Dropp it like its hott,Bring em' Out,Holla Back girl, and Piggybank. 10 minutes and 41 seconds of freestyling.
New!!! as of 8-9-05. How We Do remix. HOTT!
New!! as of 8-8-05. Pimpin' all over the world remix.
NEW!! as of 8-2-05. Diss to Jin on "Lean Back" beat.
New!! as of 8-1-05. Some deep shiet...FEEL it!!!
NEW!!! as of 7/26/05. Teardropz feat. t-kuang(me durh)
Peak position #82
NEW!! as of 7/25/05. Akon's Lonely beat...Me trying to sing.
Peak in sub-genre #35
New!! as of 7/18/05. A message to all them haters. Real ILL stuff.
NEW!! as of 7/18/05. A song about love.
song dedicated to maxine yang
Rubberband man influence. One of the best.
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